Getting the Deal Through: Renewal Energy 2018

Getting the Deal Through: Renewable Energy 2019

Getting the Deal Through – Renewable Energy is a timely overview of the key legislation and regulation affecting the development of renewable energy and clean power worldwide.

Topics covered include: legal definitions of renewable energy and clean power; government and private participants in the renewable electricity sector; frameworks for developing, financing, operating and selling renewable energy; government incentives; utility-scale renewable projects; hydropower; distributed generation; energy storage; foreign investment; drivers of change in the renewable energy markets and anticipated legislative proposals.


Benchmac & Ince contributed to the 2018 edition of Getting the Deal Through: Renewal Energy.

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Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. Getting the Deal Through: Renewable Energy 2019, (published in September 2018; contributing editor: Eric Pogue of Hunton & Williams). For further information please visit

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