Getting the Deal Through: Electricity Regulation 2020

An overview of the regulation and business of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and supply, provided by lawyers writing on the markets in their own jurisdictions.

Areas covered include: governmental policy, legislative framework and industry overview, government and administrative authorizations, interconnection of generation to the grid, transactions between utilities and their affiliates, access to transmission services and the distribution grid, tariffs and price regulation of transmission, distribution and sales, authorizations, regulators, merger control and competition, special requirements for foreign companies, public service obligations and cross-border electricity supply.

Benchmac & Ince contributed to the 2020 edition of Getting the Deal Through: Electricity Regulation 2020.



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Getting the Deal Through: Electricity Regulation



Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. Getting the Deal Through: Electricity Regulation 2020, (published in October 2019). For further information please contact

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