Getting the Deal Through: Electricity Regulation

Getting the Deal Through: Electricity Regulation 2018

An overview of the regulation and business of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and supply, provided by lawyers writing on the markets in their own jurisdictions. Areas covered include: governmental policy, legislative framework and industry overview, government and administrative authorisations, interconnection of generation to the grid, transactions between utilities and their affiliates, access to transmission services …

SME in Nigeria

Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria – An Overview of Initial Set Up

Nigeria is unarguably one of the largest economies in the Sub-Saharan Africa[1]. Though she relies majorly on oil, her economy is also grown by pockets of corporate organizations covering almost all spheres of activities within the country, ranging from multinational corporations with offices within the country, indigenous companies, and largely by small and medium scale …

A Guide to Trademark Registration in Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation with the largest economy in the continent and a fast-growing services sector with an increasing need for consumer goods.  This factor makes trade mark registration important. The laws governing trademark in Nigeria are Trade Marks Act, Cap T 13, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 (“TMA”) and the …

Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance in Nigeria

Introduction Globally, in the last decade, there has been unprecedented growth in the non-interest banking and finance, which is generally known as Islamic Banking. The existence of Islamic finance has become imperative in many jurisdictions of the world and it is expected to continue to spread in view of the economic growth in countries with …

Renewal Energy

A-Z of investing in Renewable Energy – Part 1

Renewable energy is made from resources mother-nature can replace like water, wind and sunshine. They are the best alternative sources of energy as they do not affect climate change neither do they cause environmental pollution. But, did you know Nigeria is one country rich in renewable energy which if harnessed can yield maximum interest on investment?