We offer advisory services on compliance procedures; and advice on all necessary licensing, permits and authorizations.  We represent Clients before regulatory and administrative bodies, and act as liaison between Clients and various agencies.  

Key members of the Firm are very conversant with the workings of government and the various regulatory agencies from a combined pool of in-house experience garnered over the years from a history of similar transactions coupled with the considerable goodwill and reputation nurtured and sustained over the period. This enables us to provide our Clients with an expeditious and cost effective service in this area of practice where the existence of goodwill at various levels of the system is an essential attribute. 

We offer advisory services in liaising with the following regulatory bodies:

  • National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion(NOTAP)

    We assist Clients in the registration and renewal of the various Technology Transfer Agreements which includes Management Services Agreement, Consultancy services, Technical services, Software Licence, Franchise Agreement and Research and Development Agreement. We draft and review these agreements to ensure that the contents are in line with the general requirements of NOTAP with regards to the term, governing laws, scope of services and detailed plan for the domestication of the technology.

  • National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control(NAFDAC)

    We are available to assist you in registering your products (produced, packaged or imported) with NAFDAC and obtain licences and permits for bringing in regulated products into Nigeria.
  • Standard Organization of Nigeria(SON)

    SON seeks to ensure that all products in the country conform to the relevant standard. We assist Clients in obtaining certification for the products whether locally manufactured or imported. We provide legal advisory services on the various certifications required by SON including MANCAP (Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme) certification for locally manufactured products or SONCAP (Offshore Conformity Assessment Programme) for products to be imported into Nigeria.