At Benchmac & Ince, we recognize our Clients’ need to protect their inventions in order to prevent exploitation by competitors. This enables them to reap the full value of their innovations as patents are valuable assets for both organizations and individuals who seek to establish effective and lawful barriers to competition. Patents prevent third parties from manufacturing, offering, stocking, or selling your invention without your consent, whether this be a product or a process of getting new products. Protecting their patent rights give them recourse to recover damages in the event of an infringement. Our team monitors all the steps for the registration and management of these forms of protection for your inventions including sending renewal reminders:

Following this, we assist our Clients in the following:

  • Preliminary advice
  • Patentability Searches
  • Filing and prosecution of Patents applications.
  • Patent Renewal
  • Protection and Enforcement of Patent and Design Rights.
  • Management of all Patent infringement including Contentious Patent Services (Administrative/Litigation/Alternative Dispute Resolution)