A registered Design guarantees the exclusive use of the aesthetic characteristics of a product. Industrial designs provide ample protection to their holder to avoid non-authorized third parties from using, copying, making, importing/exporting, or selling products with a given set of protected aesthetic characteristics, including shapes, lines, contours, colors, textures, or ornamentation. The Nigerian Patents & Designs Act allows for the registration of two different types of Design - combinations of lines or colours or both; and Three-dimensional designs. Our team monitors the industrial design registration and management process of a product.

Following this, we assist our Clients in the following:

  • Preliminary advice
  • Design Searches to ensure conformity with Patents and Design Act
  • Filing of Design applications.
  • Design Registration & Renewal
  • Protection and Enforcement of Design Rights.
  • Assignment and Licensing
  • Litigation
  • Enforcement of Design rights