In recent years, counterfeiting has emerged as a major problem for a variety of businesses both large and small. Benchmac & Ince is committed to crafting tailor-made enforcement solutions to suit the varied needs of our unique mix of clients

Our Anti-Counterfeiting team works with the Trademark Team to ensure that our clients have a holistic strategy in place for securing and enforcing trademark right on a global scale.  Our team wields extensive legal experience and sectoral knowledge with the support of firm-wide resources to help clients successfully address the complex challenges posed by counterfeiters and the broad range of issues they face in this area. To achieve these outcomes, we work closely (and have indeed built a good relationship) with all parties necessary for a successful investigation and resolution, including law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, investigators, regulatory authorities that can act against counterfeiters. We provide assistance to our Clients in the following areas:

  • We coordinate investigations of possible counterfeiting to develop the necessary evidence to support enforcement of our clients’ rights;
  • Market survey of known markets where counterfeit products are sold and distributed, with a view to determining the source of manufacture or importation;
  • develop and implement effective anti-counterfeiting strategies and countermeasures
  • Anton Pillar orders and injunctions
  • Marketplace monitoring and investigations where counterfeiting and other forms of illicit trades are carried out in any part of Nigeria and the West African sub-region
  • Carrying out raids with enforcement officers in the markets and at locations of suspected dealers in counterfeits.